How web design has adapted to our use of mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design as described by Ethan Marcotte.

Jun 1, 2017

For the last few years we have seen a major shift in how people design for the web.

Here are a few examples of how:

Responsive design

Ethan Marcotte coined the term “responsive web design” a few years back. Almost every site is now responsive and more companies are focusing on developing mobile sites. Traditionally, the process was to start designing for desktop and scale down to other devices and mostly as an afterthought. Today, the industry has shifted - design for mobile first then scaling up to desktop. As we are now aware, more sites are visited using a mobile device and searches are conducted from it too.

Brands are now using responsive CSS code allowing them to build single compliant websites instead of separate sites for mobile and desktop users

Bespoke Illustration

Want to give your brand a distinctive illustration? Illustration is one of many easiest and most efficient ways to improve brand uniqueness..Great attention grabbers allow you to have an almost instant connection with your readers. Illustration can play a major role in increasing a brand awareness and recognition .


Another amazing tool to inspire personality into your brand is bold typography. Using powerful typography is a great way to create to set a tone. Display resolutions are becoming more and more higher and reading a stylish font is becoming easier than ever. Big and bold is a great example. Just take look at


The right photograph allows a good website to look even better. Choose the right photograph, especially if you're adding text on top and allow the font to show though. And if you're selling something, give your customers the best experience by choosing the right photograph.


Its 2017 and we are still adapting, evolving. Businesses are now in the first time in history putting more focus on mobile and responsive design. A personal and genuine connection with their users is what they are establishing. More changes to see this year in  more of them revolving around as always better user experience, interactivity and a distinctive Brand awareness.