London Coffee Festival 2016.

Amazing coffee

Apr 10, 2016

Coffee has never gone out of fashion! The London Coffee Festival is the hub where all the top coffee professionals gather to promote and celebrate good coffee. Throughout the festival you can taste coffee from all over the world and learn about different brewing techniques.

Definitely a place for coffee-lovers to learn and experiment!

A paradise, where you are almost at the capacity for the good caffeinated stuff, there’s also tea, juices, chocolates and lots of entertainment.

Enjoyed Karma Cola, and were impressed that they use real cola nut in their recipe! Brought 3 bottles for my kids who have never had cola before! - they loved them! #drinknoevil

Thousands of coffee shops across the UK will begin UK coffee week, that raise funds for The Project Waterfall, a charity that brings clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities around the globe.  Pop in to your nearest coffee shop, there are in-store activities to help the cause!

Check out my amazing coffee art made by me! (Got a free sage milk jug!) #Sage

For all the coffee lovers out there!